B–ON ElectrOS : The fleet operating system

Employing expertise earned over seven years with a 23,000-vehicle fleet, B–ON ElectrOS is a proven suite of solutions offering fleets hassle-free ways to harness the benefits of electrification.

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Energy Storage

Our fleet management provides real-time visibility, performance tracking, and optimization for streamlined operations, cost reduction, and safety enhancement.

EV Fleet Management

Multi-brand EV fleet management employs telematics to monitor fleet health status.

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Driver Solutions

Support your drivers with remote vehicle pre-conditioning, efficiency tips and easy defect reporting.

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Energy & Charge

Continuously updating charge monitoring allied with charge scheduling gives you control of energy costs.

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Scheduled Maintenance & Quick Downtime Recovery

Preventive maintenance and annual vehicle checks mean you shouldn’t need our 24/7 roadside assistance.

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Energy Storage

With b-on's Energy Storage solutions, you can take control of your energy usage, improve your energy efficiency, and reduce your overall energy costs.

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How it operates

What can ElectrOS do for you?

We promise to ease electrifying your fleet by supporting the entire process, from planning to operation.

The B–ON ElectrOS operating system is a fleet standard that ensures you reap all the benefits of electrification.


Charger's Availability & Monitoring
Charging Infrastructure
Chargers Location

Power pack

Charger's Availability & Monitoring
Battery Health
Cost Optimized Charging


Vehicle Uptime & Health Monitoring
Vehicle & Fleet Status
Vehicle Controls

Driver essentials

Driving behaviour
Driver Communication
Driver Gamifications


Driver Training
Driver Alert & Notification


Load Balancer
Hardware Agnostic
Safety & Security

Data & Integration

Data Analysis
Operation's Optimisation
Geolocation Services


C02 Analytics.
Telematics & Connectivity

Increased uptime

  • Through proper electrification planning
  • More reliable charging
  • Suitable driver onboarding
  • Vehicles in peak condition
  • Preventive maintenance

Improved productivity

  • Through less time wasting
  • Better charger siting
  • Reduced charging times
  • Telematics vehicle monitoring
  • Enhanced driver comfort

Lower TCO

  • Through customised initial set-up
  • Cost-effective service plans
  • More efficient driving
  • Lower energy costs
  • Off-peak charging

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