Say goodbye to gas prices

We've brought together the complete set of products and services you need to go green, for good.

Charging Solutions

B-ON full battery for a fraction of the cost

Let our team develop a custom smart charging solution that brings clean, inexpensive electricity to your entire fleet in the most efficient and low-cost way possible.

A better future for fleets is about so much more than just a better vehicle. Our seamless ecosystem of products and services makes it easy to maximize your business with more uptime, happier drivers, and lower cost to you.

Services & Maintenance

Never have an off day

Our state-of-the-art preventive maintenance system helps you expect the unexpected, while our extensive service network and roadside assistance program keep you ON no matter what shuts down.

Fleet Management & Telematics

Optimizing through transparency

Our advanced software  solutions help you communicate with your entire fleet nonstop, measuring everything from driver behavior to battery performance to uptime and B-ONd. So you can stop wondering and know for sure, in real time.

Uptime monitoring
Driving behavior
Energy performance
CO2 Savings
Energy Storage

A second life for your batteries

When your battery completes its last delivery, we'll help you put it to good use sustainably and cost-effectively generating power for your business.

Ready to stop putting this issue off and B-ON it?

Then the next 2 minutes could change the future of your business forever. Get started right now with our 10-question quiz.

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Smart Logistics

Think outside the box... literally

Haphazardly stacking boxes is inefficient, messy, and can even be downright dangerous for drivers. That's why we created smart dispensers and carriers to save you up to 10 seconds per parcel, plus a whole lot of heavy lifting.

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