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Energy and Charge Management

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Charger Management Including Scheduling

Empower your telematics with our TCU, offering effortless integration and secure data exchange for any digital platform.

Load Management

This means that the latest features, improvements, and security patches can be delivered directly to your vehicle without needing a physical service visit.

Infrastructure Management

Propel into the future of mobility with our TCU‘s V2X technology provides seamless interactions for improved safety and optimized traffic management

Interactive Dashboard

During emergency situations, our e-Call functionality in TCU can automatically notify emergency services by sending critical Vehicle data


Discover the future of energy management with BON's Energy and Charge Management (ECM) system, a crucial component of our Unified BON Platform. Infused with AI and machine learning, ECM streamlines energy practices and optimizes charger operations. Versatile and user-friendly ECM adapts to residential, commercial, or industrial settings, providing a comprehensive toolkit for energy efficiency and sustainability. Embrace a greener tomorrow and lower costs with BON's ECM - your partner in driving the sustainable energy revolution.

  • Experience efficiency like never before with ECM‘s AI and machine learning-enabled tools for effective energy and charger management.
  • Go green with ECM, the solution that facilitates sustainable energy practices and helps you significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Stay updated with ECM‘s live infrastructure view, offering real- time asset status, easy monitoring, and precise location tracking.
  • Seamlessly integrate your hardware with ECM, enabling a straightforward setup and unified energy management experience.‍‍

Add-On possibilities

  • Easily integrate with any 3rd party fleet management products

Software characteristics

  • Cloud-based application ( Web, Portable tablets)

Salient features

  • Load Management
  • Charger Management including Scheduling
  • Infrastructure management Energy forecasting
  • Renewable Energy Integration with self-optimization
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Errors and alerts - possibility to raise tickets on the fly
  • Stationary Energy Storage - Battery analytics
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Carbon footprint tracking Service management to track the scheduled fix or to create one

Certification or Standards

  • OCPP Enabled

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