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Renewable Integration

Empower your telematics with our TCU, offering effortless integration and secure data exchange for any digital platform.

Energy to Grid

This means that the latest features, improvements, and security patches can be delivered directly to your vehicle without needing a physical service visit.

Peak Saving

Propel into the future of mobility with our TCU‘s V2X technology provides seamless interactions for improved safety and optimized traffic management

Island Mode Operation

During emergency situations, our e-Call functionality in TCU can automatically notify emergency services by sending critical Vehicle data

Energy Storage

At BON, we genuinely care about creating a sustainable future by providing innovative and cost-effective energy solutions. Our modular battery storage systems seamlessly blend with renewable energy sources, reflecting our dedication to environmental responsibility and your financial wellbeing. Let's embark on this journey together, building a greener tomorrow while protecting your wallet today.

  • Energy capacity: ca. 222kWh
  • Power: 75kW
  • Emergency power supply
  • Stand alone and black start
  • Island operation
  • Total weight: ca. 4500kg
  • Scalable in parallel connection →power and energy capacity scalable
  • 10 feet ISO container (L/B/H: ca. 3,0/2,5/2.6 m)

Salient features

  • Supercharge your electric vehicle infrastructure with our Energy Storage System (EES), a powerhouse for eco-friendly and budget-smart mobility solutions.
  • Bridge the energy divide with our EES, offering reliable off-grid and microgrid solutions that democratize energy access, champion affordability, and uphold sustainability.
  • Take control of your energy peaks with our EES, an intelligent system adept at peak shaving, ensuring energy efficiency and smart resource allocation even during high demand.
  • Experience the versatility and convenience of our swappable, modular battery modules, designed for adaptability and swift changeovers.

Add-On possibilities

  • Energy management Digital suite
  • Warranty subscription

Certification or Standards

  • VDE AR N 4105
  • CE certification
  • DIN VDE 0100

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