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SaaS/PaaS-based data solutions

Empower your telematics with our TCU, offering effortless integration and secure data exchange for any digital platform.

Highly modular Unified B–ON Platform

This means that the latest features, improvements, and security patches can be delivered directly to your vehicle without needing a physical service visit.

Bidirectional data exchange

Propel into the future of mobility with our TCU‘s V2X technology provides seamless interactions for improved safety and optimized traffic management

Advanced data insights

During emergency situations, our e-Call functionality in TCU can automatically notify emergency services by sending critical Vehicle data

Data Products

In today’s digital age, businesses need to develop data-driven capabilities to succeed. With various connected assets such as electric delivery vehicles, power and current sensors, stationary electrical storage, and user applications that provide geolocation data and speed, there is a vast amount of raw materials available for analysis. Inomo offers data products that let you collect, access, analyze and mine this data. Our AI-powered data platform services deliver high-value end-to-end predictive and prescriptive services that help reduce carbon footprint and TCO. Customers can use the Inomo Data Platform in various scenarios like sharing data within an organization across different business units or subsidiaries, with external partners in B2B scenarios, with customers in B2C scenarios, as a service for monetization, and as a tool for collaboration.

Our Key Data Products

  1. Inomo Data Exchange ( DaaE): Inomo Data Exchange lets you quickly discover, publish, subscribe to, and utilize third-party data to your needs.
  2. Inomo Data As API ( DaAPI): You can quickly get your telematics data categorized and enriched with just one API. Send us your data and receive the results in continuous streaming or on-demand format.
  3. Inomo Data As Insight (DaaI): We strive to improve customer experience by constantly updating and enhancing our AI-powered models through learning and adapting to new data. Subscribe to our DAAI products to access industry-led use cases.

Add-On possibilities

  1. Data as Managed Service  (DaMS): We provide Data as Managed Services (DaMS) for privacy-conscious customers. They can use their own tenant environment to store data while we manage it for them, ensuring updates and high availability.
  2. The Inomo data platform boasts remarkable openness and flexibility, allowing for effortless integration with other systems.

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