July 14, 2022

B–ON and Creative Bus Sales (CBS) Execute Exclusive Strategic Partnership Agreement to Sell, Distribute, and Service Up to 20,000 B–ON Vehicles Annually in the U.S. Market

LUXEMBOURG, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- B—ON, the full-service fleet electrification solution provider (including charging and energy management, telematics, proven electric vehicles and more) announced today that it has reached an agreement with US-based Creative Bus Sales (CBS) to sell, distribute, and service B-ON's electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs) in the United States, beginning with a 500 vehicle order to be fulfilled in Q4 2022.

The deal was reached after CBS completed a successful pilot program focused on testing for range, accessibility, availability, customization options, and charging capabilities with a fleet of B—ON's last mile delivery vehicles earlier this year. Several current CBS customers, mainly blue-chip large-scale fleet operators, are also presently engaged in similar testing and expected to issue firm orders in the coming weeks.

Per the agreement, CBS will have exclusive rights to sell B-ON's eLCVs through the nation's largest network of dealerships, with over 20 locations across the US servicing more than 2,000 customers annually, including over 30 years' experience with electric vehicles and e-buses, supplying the first hybrid electric buses to the City of Los Angeles. B—ON will also offer an OEM warranty on the full vehicle, including the electric drivetrain, telematics, and charging, to be executed through CBS. The contract is expected to encompass as many as 20,000 vehicles per year, subject to a volume increase when B—ON scales its production capacity in the U.S. in the coming months.

B—ON, (formerly Odin Automotive), acquired Deutsche Post DHL subsidiary and pioneer of electric commercial vehicles StreetScooter Engineering in January of this year, including a fully operational manufacturing line in Duren, Germany with the capacity to produce up to 30,000 vehicles per year. B—ON has since produced and delivered thousands of their eLCVs, in addition to launching a full suite of electrification services (such as charging infrastructure powered by partner Hitachi Ventures) aimed at helping last mile fleet owners navigate the shift to electric vehicles.

The company is currently considering three (3) final US locations to house a second production line for North American markets. A spare tooling set and conveyor line were also acquired as part of the January transaction, enabling rapid production scale-up in the U.S. and bringing a large number of well-paying green jobs to the winning state, which is expected to be announced in Q4 of this year.

"Over the past 40 years in this business, we have learned how to identify the best products in the markets we supply," said Tony Matijevich, President at Creative Bus Sales. "When it comes to electric commercial vehicles, B—ON fills an important void in the US market from an economic standpoint alone, and their multi-year in-service history sets them even further apart from other EV manufacturers. Their products are a superb fit for us and our US customer base, and we're extremely excited to be entering this partnership with the team."

"Creative Bus is the perfect partner for us to work with to scale our operations in the US," said Stefan Krause, CEO and Chairman at B—ON. "Their existing infrastructure gives us access to an expansive and well-trusted sales and service network right out of the gate and sets us up in the best way possible to be successful as we build our presence here. It's a great day for B—ON!"

About B—ON

B—ON is a full-service solution provider democratizing fleet electrification, providing access to tried and tested electric vehicles plus an entire ecosystem of services through one simple process. With seasoned employees working together across Europe, Asia, and North America, B—ON is focused on transforming last mile transportation of people and goods to zero emissions. B—ON's all-electric commercial vehicles are currently being produced every day on our production line in Duren, Germany, with a capacity of up to 30,000 every year. By bringing together financing & insurance, service & maintenance, charging & energy management, telematics, driver solutions, and proven electric vehicles through one single point of contact, B—ON makes smarter EVs and the electrification process accessible to all fleets, whether big or small.  For more information, check us out on LinkedIn or on our website at

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