June 19, 2023


  • B–ON’s electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs) have collectively achieved a new milestone, completing over 250 million miles of delivery work
  • Equivalent to 10,000 times around the globe, B–ON estimates its vehicles have delivered more than 500 million packages and saved 75,000 tonnes of CO2
  • On the market since 2017, today there are over 23,000 B–ON eLCVs on the roads worldwide

Luxembourg, June 15th, 2023 – As B–ON, the world’s leading manufacturer of eLCVs, celebrates its sixth year of scale production, the company has calculated that its 23,000 vehicles have officially crossed the 250 million mile mark, equivalent to 10,000 trips around the globe. In these trips, B–ON vehicles have delivered more than 500 million packages in Europe and Asia and saved over 75,000 tonnes of CO2.  

First in operation as StreetScooter, a German university project later purchased and incubated by Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL), the company began mass-producing its all-electric delivery vans in mid-2017 to deliver post to German residents. Over the next several years, DPDHL grew their owned fleet to more than 20,000 vehicles, with additional third-party fleets purchased by companies in the UK and Japan. The vans were a massive success with drivers, due to their expertly designed ergonomic features and simple, straightforward operation. In January of 2022, B–ON reached an agreement with DPDHL to take over production under seasoned manufacturing and automotive leadership, scaling the product to new markets worldwide, introducing a complementary suite of services designed to help fleet owners switch to electric vehicles (EV), and developing an innovative asset-light business model that keeps quality high and costs low at an unprecedented time-to-market advantage. Today, B–ON provides a homologated, optimised, and proven product that’s available immediately.

Earlier this year, B–ON announced its 2022 figures, including a stunning $125 million in revenue for its first year of operation, and other major milestones like delivering nearly 3,000 vehicles to customers. In January, the company announced a partnership with Karma Automotive to produce vehicles for the US market and appointed longtime Audi and LEVC exec Joerg Hofmann as Chief Operating Officer. In April, it also announced two key tie-ups with EO Charging and International Motors (IM), both in the UK, providing industry-leading energy access and a world-class distribution network.

“It’s been an incredible ride for this product over the past six years, stacking up invaluable experience on the road that is simply unmatched in this industry. We are so honoured to be the stewards of this awesome German legacy, and as we celebrate this major milestone the momentum behind us is undeniable,” said Stefan Krause, Founder, Chairman and CEO of B–ON. “The EV revolution is upon us, and I’m proud to be leading the charge in the commercial vehicle space.”

The calculation is as follows:

Total miles travelled by B-ON vehicles since inception: 250,000,000

Total miles around the world at the equator: 24,901

Calculation: 250,000,000 / 24,901 = 10,039.7574

≅ 10,000 times around the world

Total fleet size of DPDHL: 92,000 vehicles

Packages delivered per year by DPDHL: 1.8 billion

Calculation: 92,000 / 20,000 = .217 * 1,800,000,000 = 391,304,348 packages per year

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