Leadership Team

Stefan Krause

Founder, Chairman and CEO

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Joerg Hofmann

Chief Operating Officer

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Kira Bellocq

Chief Financial Officer

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Bruno Lambert

Chief Innovation Officer

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Michael Giske

Chief Information Officer

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Andreea Boier

Chief Human Resources Officer

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A new player has crashed onto the electric delivery scene, bringing with it not only fresh capital and enthusiasm but also some serious ambitions.
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Last-mile transportation provider B–ON, led by former BMW board member Stefan Krause, plans to build on its acquisition of electric delivery van maker StreetScooter Engineering.
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In addition to the existing production in Düren with a capacity of 30,000 units per year, B–ON is planning plants in the USA and China.
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StreetScooter was founded simply because back in only 2014, not a single German vehicle manufacturer was producing electric delivery vans.
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The pioneer of electric commercial vehicles

Our story starts with a passion project at RWTH University in Aachen, Germany, where a group of graduate students came together  to develop the ergonomically perfect, zero-emission delivery vehicle. With input from dozens of real drivers and delivery companies, they engineered the first all-electric commercial vehicle of it's kind--the StreetScooter. The innovative project was so successful, against all odds, it was purchased by German postal carrier Deutsche Post DHL in 2014. DPDHL manufactured and deployed their own fleet of over 20,000 StreetScooter vehicles, which have since completed more than 400 million kilometers of deliveries.
Fast forward to 2020, when in the midst of a global pandemic, e-commerce skyrocketed. A group of seasoned automotive executives and tech leaders, who would later become B–ON, set out to accelerate the global shift to electric vehicles and reform the broken systems behind last-mile delivery for good. In January of 2022, they purchased the production rights and IP for StreetScooter vehicles from DPDHL. In May of that year, B–ON officially launched a suite of complementary products and services designed to make it easier than ever for fleet owners to make the change...and the rest is history.
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Our purpose is to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles worldwide and create better, more livable cities for future generations.