B–ON backs the #SpaceForCities movement, focused on exploring how we can use fewer vehicles more efficiently

Move with us to make a change

Currently there are just over 1.2 billion cars in the world. But each of these will spend on average 95% of their time parked. That’s 347 out of 365 days completely unused.

While these cars are doing nothing, they’re occupying around 4,633 square miles of precious space, nearly eight times the size of Greater London or 15 times that of New York City.

Imagine if we could free up even a fraction of that space. Think what we could do with all the extra room and how much better life would be.

The #SpaceForCities movement aims to publicize this often-overlooked issue and explore how we can use fewer vehicles more efficiently to reduce the automobile industry’s carbon footprint.

Raise your voice and join the movement today!
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