All the data you need to understand and optimize your fleet operations.
Advanced Telematics

Capturing 600 data points per second from each vehicle.

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Adaptive Commands

Analyzes data and provides feedback to the vehicle to keep it moving smoothly.

Cloud storage

Sends all of your embedded vehicle data straight to the cloud for streamlined analysis.

Detailed Analysis

Provides detailed data and analysis for deeper fleet insights.

API Connectivity

Works with third party applications and vehicles for all of your data in one place.

Fleet Management

Real-time insights into your entire fleet in one streamlined interface.

Driver Monitoring

Help your drivers skip the learning curve with their new electric vehicles.

Route Mapping & Location

Keep a close eye on your assets and optimize your routes for charging, deliveries, and drivers too.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Is your fleet healthy? Always know for sure with real-time vehicle diagnostics.