Vehicles & Tools

Purpose-built for productivity, so that you can do more work in less time at a lower operating cost.
The Pelkan

The electric van reimagined.

Class Leading Payload

Our class-leading payload of 1350kg for the 43 and 1300kg for the 54 means that Pelkan is ready for whatever you need to carry.

Competitive Battery Range

Our long battery range, of 226km for the 43 and 279km for the 54, means that your average route is no problem.

Low Cost of Ownership

Pelkan’s low total cost of ownership, especially when combined with our fleet and energy management tools, can save you over 40% per km driven.

Smart Dispenser

Your driver’s new favourite tech.

Save on Time

By removing the need to sort packages when loading and unloading a delivery van, drivers can save up to 5 minutes per parcel.

Utilize Your Full Space

Drivers no longer need to leave space to get in and out of the vehicle to collect packages, allowing you to utilize their full potential.

Fully Customizable

Whether you use our vehicles or another option for your fleet, smart dispenser can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Future Product Lineup

Bringing you better utilization and more use cases.

Coming Soon
Next Gen
All new modular electric vehicle architecture
Pioneering cargo space on a small footprint
Developed for autonomous driving
Coming Soon
Multi-purpose vehicle reimagined
Ultimate platform efficiency
24/7 revenue generation for customers