Energy solutions to simplify your operations, cut costs, and even
power you in emergencies
Energy & Charge Management

Advanced insights into your overall energy footprint.

Load Optimization

Integrate renewables and manage grid constraints to ensure you are never pulling more power than your infrastructure can handle.

Charge Management

Intelligent management of fleet charging including scheduling, prioritization and forecasts ensures drawing power at the right time.

Remote Diagnostics

In-depth monitoring and analysis capabilities help you find and fix any issues with your entire electrical infrastructure in no time.

Electrical Energy Storage

Take charge of your energy consumption with continuous
access to inexpensive power.

Power Banking

Fill up on power while your vehicles are out on their route, and avoid grid constraints.

Peak Shaving

Draw power from the grid when it's inexpensive, store it, and use it during peak hours to avoid expensive grid tariffs.

Backup Power

Power outage in your area? No problem. EES keeps you charged no matter what.

Coming Soon
Battery Management System

Monitor your battery to seamlessly maximize range, safety, and longevity.